Meagan’s Story

Meagan Rickman, sister of Grace, our Office Manager, was the grateful recipient of two heart transplants, her first at 9 weeks old and the second at 12 years old.

Born with a congenital heart defect, Meagan refused to let her illness define her. She lived her life with a sense of purpose and didn’t waste a second of her precious time here. Meagan had a way of making everyone feel like her best friend. Her beautiful smile and loving heart touched all those around her. Because she had received the gift of life, Meagan always made it clear that she would want to be a donor as well should something happen to her. When she passed away at age 17, she was able to restore the sight of two people, as well as enhance the lives of countless others through tissue donation.

As a way to honor Meagan, Holly and Grace share Meagan’s incredible story whenever they get an opportunity. They volunteer with RTI Donor Services and participate in events to promote organ and tissue donation. Our clinic family is proud to share Meagan’s story as well in hopes that others will register to become organ and tissue donors. One life can impact so many, so please consider to:

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